About me

From SCUBA diving off the California coast and off of Phuket in Thailand to piranha fishing and night hikes in the Amazon, I love adventures and new experiences. This “zest for life” as I have been told to call it, is what has led me to learn photography, jump into new careers, and take on new challenges.

After a particularly stressful period, I began to turn to art therapy for processing things I was going through. Combed with therapy, I have been able to sort through grief, heartbreak, bruised self esteem, and life in general. I was asked to share my creations and even the thoughts behind it, so I am doing so here.

Please know that there is always someone who will listen when you need an ear, lend a shoulder when you need one to cry on, and beautiful souls who are willing to help.

I am not a professional photographer, though I dabble in it from time to time. You can get a sampling of my imagery here and if there are some that catch your eye, the food shots are with GettyImages, StockFood and iStockPhoto. Until I migrate all the travel stories and images from my old page to this one, you can access them there to see what Sheridanigans I have been up to.

Some might say my résumé bounces about a bit, I say it shows a constant refreshment of my brain.