About me

I am:


a photographer

a creative hot spring

a reader

a traveler

a collector

an adventurer

and a risk taker.

From SCUBA diving off the California coast and off of Phuket in Thailand to piranha fishing and night hikes in the Amazon, I love adventures and new experiences. This “zest for life” as I have been told to call it, is what has led me to learn photography, jump into new careers and take on new challenges.

If you need someone to brainstorm for your latest project, produce your photo shoot, edit the photos from said shoot, promote your latest creative endeavor or advise you on a great martini, I’m your girl.

While I am not an assignment photographer, I shoot stock upon occasion and always shoot an insane number of images when I travel. You can get a sampling of my imagery here and if there are some that catch your eye, the food shots are with GettyImages, StockFood and iStockPhoto. Until I migrate all the travel stories and images from my old page to this one, you can access them there to see what Sheridanigans I have been up to.

Some might say my résumé bounces about a bit, I say it shows a constant refreshment of my brain.