My Art

These pieces are me.

My thoughts.

My meditations.

My processing grief, loss, heartbreak, insecurities, and self-doubt.

My discovering more about myself and the strength I have within.

My finding joy and hope and friendship, even when things seemed to be rather bleak.

These pieces are my journal – a visual representation of pain and healing, heartbreak and joy, despair and hope.

I did not intend for these to ever see the light of day – it feels like I am opening my mind and soul to anyone to see and read, but sometimes you have to take risks and let others see inside. We have all gone through pain and grief and it can be comforting to know we’re not alone. Seeing that others have worked through it, moved on, and found their voices-  and themselves – again can be empowering.

The more we can share, support one another, and reach out when someone needs help, the more we can heal ourselves. If opening myself up to the world can possibly give someone hope or comfort, then the risk is worth the reward.