I thought you were my angel…

I am my own angel

It turns out I am my own.

Just before he broke up with me, we were at dinner one night. There was some drama going on with one of his close friends that involved me, and I was feeling overwhelmed with that and still processing my father passing on a couple months before.

One thing about him is that for some reason, when I was around him, I felt at peace. I could see his face, touch his arm, or just be near him and I would feel calm. With all that I was going through emotionally, this was so important to me.

I felt he was my angel. He gave me a sense of peace.

It was less than a week later that he broke up with me and my world felt like it shattered into a million pieces.

Through all the tears and sleepless nights, I began to rethink this and realized that I am my own angel.

I can choose to bring peace into my world, I don’t need another person to do that. I am still working on this, but he is no longer a part of my life and I am finding much more of a wholeness with myself.